How to Write College Admission Essays and Why Do It at All?

Every admission officer struggles to do his job right, i.e. find the best candidates for a college or university that he is representing. The times when only high grades were enough to get enrolled are gone for good. Now, it is all about balance and comprehensive development of a person. In other words, even if a certain applicant aced his SAT, lack of other important merits would lead to receiving a thin envelope.

At some point, college administrations realized that they didn’t want academic robots – they wanted people that can honor their establishment with their presence. It is impossible to see what kind of person is applying through an application form, but it is quite possible through an individual writing assignment. This is how college admission essays were invented. Now they have become one of the most important components of the entire process.

For most educational establishment, this type of assignment is a way to pick the most deserving candidate among the rest, and do so with 90% success rate. They look for people who are intelligent and hard-working and who also cherish the right values. Alas, way too many students underestimate the importance of college essays for their successful enrollment and thus fail the endeavor. It is possible to master the skill, and here we will try to teach you a bit.

How to do it right?

It is easier to start with what one shouldn’t do in his essay. You shouldn’t simply enumerate your skills and merits, but rather show them through a story. Do not brag, but do not diminish your achievements as well. If you are a good writer, it will be felt in your essay, even if you neglect to mention awards.

Don’t try to make yourself look better by faking things. It is easily checked, and if caught, you have no chances to get selected. Even simple exaggeration might cost you a place in the classroom. The art of writing a strong essay lies in the skill to present your personality beneficially. Don’t lie, but rather emphasize your advantages.

Don’t try to drown the jury in your words. Respect the world limit and stay focused. Even if you dream of a writer’s career, application is not the time to cover sheets with small letters. Check the requirements before you start writing.

Don’t try to seem too sophisticated. Keep it simple. Use conversational language and friendly tone. If you use Thesaurus, be sure not to overspice.

Don’t forget to edit and proofread you essay several times and to engage other people. Your relatives and friends might give you some useful advice and see the mistakes you have missed.

Get some help

It is quite smart to use some help with college admission essays as the task is no doubt difficult. There are numerous web resources that can provide you with information and all kinds of assistance in this regard. At some of them, you will be able to purchase the entire piece.